IMG_1653 Sad that so much of the real Valentine gets wrapped up in the hype of material ....the roses, the diamonds, the chocolate, dinners, and so much more. For more than a decade , my husband who is a yoga teacher, shares these chocolate covered strawberries with his students. And yes , I make them.

The whole experience is one of love and the joyous results! Blending the different chocolates to make a perfect balance of sweet and bitter ! Love ! The strawberries ....each one wiped down with a damp towel! Love! Dipping them in the melted chocolate! Love ! Laying each one on the Silpat mat ! Love Arranging them on plate when cooled ! Love ! Sharing ! Love ! The thanks and enjoyment of the strawberries by students ! Love ! Teacher student relationship ! Love ! Joy of doing for loved one ! Love !

Happy Valentine ! Just Love !