2015/01/img_1037.jpgSo what that there was no recipe ! No plan ! Just BEING ! A quiet meditation! Actually more like a pondering on the completion of a fun spice class in San Francisco. The dance of the spices continued way after the class and the students were gone. The true nature was being honored! Empty Kitchen! Empty Classroom and yet the lingering aromas of the spices remained.

Inspired by that a unique spice blend was born!

Coriander Fenugreek Cayenne Black sesame seeds Nigella seeds Bay leaves Basil Curry leaves Rosemary Dried orange peels Ginger Cardamom Cumin Fennel seeds Black pepper Turmeric Hibiscus

Recipe you ask !!!! Sniffed. Touched. Blended. I can only say that the blend is absolutely brilliant. It crosses all borders !!! It is being titled The Spice Blend without Borders for now !!!