35 years ago today I landed in San Francisco from Bombay, India. Simple reason.... joining my husband.There were no deep intentions or aspirations. I had broken loose from a very close and loving family and travelled to a new place , a new culture and country.

A quick trip down memory lane and I realize that my heart is filled with gratitude to my family and elders!

A culinarian by profession I felt lucky in securing my first job in the USA in less than three months. Vocational Director at the Central YMCA working with refugees primarily from South East Asia. Met a soul sister (who happened to be my first boss) and made some new good friends.

Missing my family and the feeling of homesickness became like breathing.... I did it without thinking for my survival. This was a time of many learnings. I soon learned that the greetings of " Hi " and " Have a nice day" did not equate to the Namaste that I was taught by my family and elders. I could clearly see my baby hands being joined for me and loving voices say that the Divine in me was honoring the Divine in them. With time the voices were clearer and stronger in explaining that my true essence was Divine and I must know and recognize that TRUTH for the other when I namaste.

Time passed and our daughter came along. We also had the opportunity to live in another state and city for a decade but moved back to the San Francisco Bay area. While most experiences have been joyful in creating new family and friends there have been some harsh ones about racism, discrimination and hate.In all I have tried to live The Namaste life especially focused on the third element where one not only recognizes this truth of Oneness but Acts and Lives accordingly!

35 years ago every neighborhood did not have a yoga studio studded with the Namaste signs  nor did the Golden Milk Latte show up on the coffee shop menus! Today, I smile as I see these visual reminders for continuing on my namaste life !

Namaste to my family and elders!

Namaste to all!