Roses, brunches, chocolates, gifts ! Yes, it is the day to honor and thank the mothers! Let us pause on this day to think about the women that brought us into this world! 

I owe everything to my mum for being who I am today ! She guided me onto the path of discovering who I was . I remember her being there for me in all my tears, fears , scrapes, hurts, insecurities and joys. She taught me to be a good friend, a wife, a sister, a daughter , a mother and a strong woman. She taught me all of that by her living example. There was so much that I did not understand in my younger days but as I enter the fall of my life, I feel blessed, grateful  and thankful for my grandmother , my mum, my sister and my daughter! They are all truly my mother ! 

Technology has made it easier to stay connected  but I miss the actual touch and the real communication .The sitting together and having tea. But again, thankful for the lovely special tea memories at Flury's , Kolkata. The shopping trips at Dhangar Market, New Market  and Basak Stores . The very special shoe shopping memories at this Chinese shoe shop where my sister and I would get them custom made . Style, fashion, entertaining was all learnt by watching mom. 

A blog post will not do justice to all that I want to share about my mother but this is to remind all of us that we should go through " Momopause" everyday. Happy Mothers Day and pause each day to thank mom!