This is a tribute to sisters all over ! 

In going down memory lane, this picture not only inspired The Spice Whisperer's " sisters!" blend but also brought forth the desire to share the Thankfullness of having sisters ! 

What a Blend ! From the earthiness of cumin and coriander to the hot and smoky cayenne and paprika. The many miles of global travel between us adds the sweetness of vanilla powder and the tart notes of sumac and amla ! The Desi in us is highlighted by the garam masala, ginger, garlic, onion, ajwain, mace and more.

Sisters ! 

We embody love. We may show it in our uniquely different ways but that's what makes this love and bond sustainable. Time has aged us but we are still Smoking Hot Sisters !!!!!!

Sisters ! The Blend ! 

Unique.. Like us .

Totally rooted in the past but fragrant in the Here and Now . Like us.

Versatile. Like us.

Adaptable and Creative. Like us.

Lovingly handcrafted . Like us.

So, everyone reading this celebrate sisters and sisterhood. And for those who ask what is Spice Whispering? Inspired by the people ,  spices do their dance . They mix and match and create an experience for me and the people involved. Spices honor the balance of reason and season . Celebrate your cooking with " Sisters" in spicing up your grilling and BBQ season this year!