Woke up this morning with the added excitement of Market Day. I love to absorb the vibrancy of the Farmer's Market produce. The light breeze whistles and sings through the tents. The apples, persimmons, oranges, grapes and strawberries reflect the transitory season in Northern California Bay Area . We are saying goodbye to summer and slowly welcoming the Fall!!!! I am grateful and in the moment of feeling blessed am chanting the Om and the Gaytri Mantra as I pick bitter melons, purslane, ladies fingers , green pumpkin and more. The farmer smiles, folds his hands and softly says, " thank you for blessing and praying for my veggies "! I fully experienced that moment! Bitter melons , sautéed with onions, nigella seeds, dried mango powder, turmeric and paprika. The pumpkin is simmering in its own juices with the Bengali Paanch Phoron 5 spice. The sour in it is a dash of coconut vinegar.

The preparation of the dishes was fully infused with love. An intention of nourishment for the body and soul. This is real cooking! Real food! So, don't just know your food and farmers but know the people and what they feel when they cook your food !!!!THINK !!!LL!

I am enjoying my journey on the Divinity and Spirituality of food and cooking! A new level of wellness!